Your Test Result | Bowel Cancer Screening
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Your Test Result

How the Process Works


You will receive your test result within three weeks of returning your completed bowel screening kit.

You will be contacted with your result and told what this means for you. You may also receive a call from your local specialist.

Go to FAQ to find out more.

If you don’t receive your result within three weeks, please call the The Online Bowel Cancer Screening Centre on Phone 0800 849 104 or email

Having a colonoscopy

If your test result is positive, you will usually be referred for a follow-up test called a colonoscopy. This may not be available in the public system in your area but can be self funded or obtained on your insurance.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A Colonoscopy is a procedure that allows your specialist to examine the lining of the large bowel (colon). This is performed using a narrow flexible tube called a colonoscope which has a camera in the tip that captures images of the inner lining of your bowel. These images are transmitted to a TV monitor which your specialist looks at during the examination. The colonoscope is inserted into your anus and is slowly advanced around the whole colon.

If bowel cancer is found

If you are found to have bowel cancer you will be referred to a Colo-Rectal Surgeon. The main treatment for bowel cancer is surgery. In some cases, chemotherapy or radiotherapy may be recommended.

People who are diagnosed with bowel cancer at an early stage have a much greater chance of being successfully treated. If the cancer is detected at a later, more advanced stage, it is harder to treat.

If you are eligible for publicly funded health care, treatment for bowel cancer through the public health system is free.